We transport motorcycles from Estonia to Europe and from Europe to Estonia - in a safe and organized way.

As a target for our 'scheduled trips' we have chosen North Italy - Milan.
This is a good starting point to start moving to Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Slovenia or Croatia (these are all only 200 to 400 km from Milan) - but also why not towards Austria or Hungary.

There is one more reason making Milan a very suitable starting point to your biketrip - it is connected to Estonia with very affordable and comfortable regular flight route (hint: Ryanair, Tallinn-Bergamo :-) .

If you assemble a group of 6…10 people you can also order "charter transportation" to other destinations - you name it!

For Milan, you can also register one bike at a time.
If that city could be a suitable starting point for your biketrip, please send your contacts - let us assemble a group of interested people (at least 6…8 bikes) and agree upon dates, prices and other details (such as when and where to leave your bike).