The price for bike transport will depend on two factors mainly: firstly - how many bikes will be sent, and secondly - how far do we need to send them. The bike's weight or size does not have very big impact - if your bike fits into our steel frame, the price is more or less the same.

As an example see the price for Tallinn-Milan freight (assuming 6 "regular" motorcycles will be sent):

Freight Tallinn-Milan: from 200…250 EUR *
In addition, you need - flight ticket Tallinn-Bergamo**: from 40 EUR
Taxi fare from Bergamo airport to transport terminal: approx. 8 EUR

Total: from 240 EUR
Time needed: half a day (flight, taxi fare, unpacking of motorcycle)

You can also rent our transport frames only (if you wish to organize your own transport).
Pricing: first week 3 EUR per frame per day, following days 2 EUR per frame per day.

* This is “starting from” price example.
Actual price will depend on: how many bikes can be sent together, the size of your bike, desired date, whether you register alone or bring some friend(s) with you, etc. All prices include freight, rent for steel frame, bike storage in Italian terminal for up to 3 days, and return freight of empty steel frame.

** Bergamo - effectively a suburb of Milan; Ryanair Tallinn-Milan flights land there.

To have a comparison, let's see also other possibilities to arrive in Milan:

Alternative 1:
Riding to Italy yourself (or France, Switzerland, Croatia...)

Tallinn-Milan: 2560 km
Let us assume that the distance will be covered in 4 days, 640km each
  • fuel for bike (150 l): 230 EUR
  • 12 meals, a 7 EUR: 84 EUR
  • four nights in hotel/motel, a 40 EUR: 160 EUR

Total spending: 474 EUR
Time needed: 4 päeva

Alternative 2:
By ship to Rostock and riding to Italy from there:

  • Boat fare Tallinn-Helsinki: 38 EUR (includes motorcycle and plain passenger ticket - no meals, no cabin)
  • Boat fare Helsinki-Rostock: 260 EUR (includes a ticket for motorcycle, one bed in 4 persons cabin and three meals)
from there Rostock-Milan by road: 1227 km
Let us assume that the distance will be covered in 2 days, 614km each
  • fuel for bike (75 l): 105 EUR
  • 6 meals, a 7 EUR: 42 EUR
  • two nights in hotel/motel, a 40 EUR: 80 EUR

Total spending: 525 EUR
Time needed: 3 days

NB! 1) Calculations assume that you are alone on the bike and will stay in shared room (2 pers/4 pers) at nights. If you have a passenger with you multiply meal costs, hotel costs and plane tickets by two; boat fare cost will also increase.
2) Calculations are shown "as cheap as possible" - no other costs but petrol for the bike (you can add 3…4 EUR per 100 km for tires, brake pads, oil, chain etc to that number) and no other food but fast food for you (occasional good food, beers, wine etc are not calculated).
3) Some of your "transit countries" will have highway fares which are also not included in my calculations.